UFC 95

I have started a lot of these UFC write-ups without finishing them. So I will try to keep this relatively brief in the hope that it will actually get finished and stuck on the blog. This was a British show, in whose suitably unimpressive main event lightweight debutant Diego Sanchez bested perennial plucky loser Joe […]

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The Bug packaging fetish

Apologies for the clear laziness of this post, but I have to get something pon de blog tonight, as I missed out last night. I have a good reason: I was at a gig. And I plan on getting it written up tomorrow night. Exciting, right? Anyway, I saw Asobi Seksu. They were good, though […]

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Dir: Todd Solondz, 2001 I watched this last night. I had been putting it off for years. I saw Happiness back in about 2003: it was really engaging, but there were one or two moments that were a bit tough to get through. Aronofsky has a reputation for making intense films, but Happiness was almost […]

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Winter pics

I know, the iPhone camera isn’t great. It can be coaxed into making some rather nice pictures if the context is just right. And if it’s not, it can throw up some interesting effects. Consider it a visual accompaniment to the Susumu review.

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Susumu Yokota – Mother

Lo Recordings (2009) Another writer’s cut of a FACT review! In the last month I have lazed on a beach under equatorial heat and braved the disappointingly feeble, yet perilously icy, British winter. With me in both scenarios (and a number betwixt) has been Yokota’s lovely Mother. I don’t know how many memos, or albums, […]

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Carcass – ‘No Love Lost’

I don’t tend to like YouTube embeds: they mess with your scrolling, links are a bit neater, and they seem ever so slightly messy. But, I figure, I’m writing about this song and you may as well get a chance to hear what it is I’m banging on about. It’s also a nice treat for […]

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