The Wildhearts – P.H.U.Q.

EastWest, 1995 This was the first Wildies album I bought, back in 1995, in a small indie shop while on holiday in Wales. Naturally there was no CD player in the cottage, so I had to wait til I got home to get it listened. I’m pretty sure purchase of this album was preceded byContinue reading “The Wildhearts – P.H.U.Q.”

Real Football Factories: International

I didn’t watch the UK original series of this Danny Dyer vehicle, nor have I seen the film that inspired this whole shebang, The Football Factory. This might actually be less a review of the programme than of my current state of mind on deciding to watch this episode. My excuse is that Dyer wasContinue reading “Real Football Factories: International”

The Wildhearts – Earth vs. The Wildhearts (1993)

I always thought this came out in 1994, but that must apparently have been the reissue. The Wildies’ debut is inarguably the most esteemed of their records by the rock media and the readers of the rock media, as evinced here (below The Darkness? Don’t make me laugh. Or cry) and hyurr. I’m not soContinue reading “The Wildhearts – Earth vs. The Wildhearts (1993)”

The throughsilver Singles Premiership 2007!

I had an on-off running top singles list at a message board last year, and I decided I might as well give the Premiership its own page this year. I have been slowly (very slowly) writing about the singles that I like – and only the sigles I like; I’m not trying to document everythingContinue reading “The throughsilver Singles Premiership 2007!”