What’s a Manifesto?

Simon Reynolds recently wrote a very interesting piece, not on music, but on the state of music writing. It’s something that everyone should read, as I consider him something of the daddy when it comes to people today who write about music. Some would suggest that mantle should go to Paul Morley, but my onlyContinue reading “What’s a Manifesto?”

Last night’s Lost

The most recent episode has just aired on E4 and, as part of my new ‘get things written’ philosophy, I am commenting on it, though it will be brief. The main character of this episode is Claire (Emilie de Ravin) who, let’s be honest here, has not been either the most interesting or charismatic ofContinue reading “Last night’s Lost”

Prince and the Revolution – Parade (1986)

(MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE UNDER THE CHERRY MOON) So I listened to this tonight, and am hoping that I can just knock this review out without it having to become a long, drawn-out review of attrition; a battle between my desire for perfection (that should probably read ‘competence’) and my total lack of aContinue reading “Prince and the Revolution – Parade (1986)”

Arrested Development, season 1

So I just got done watching this on DVD. As with Lost, it was one I decided to just wait for on DVD. Also as with Lost, I had some trepidation about watching it, given how it was supposed to be The Greatest Comedy In Years etc. I saw bits of it, and it seemedContinue reading “Arrested Development, season 1”