Not Feeling The Force…

So I watched a new comedy on BBC2 tonight. Actually, it might have been on for a few weeks, as I haven’t really been paying attention to Monday telly recently. But yeah, Feel The Force is currently on, and isn’t that great. A comedy about a pair of inept police officers (but get this –Continue reading “Not Feeling The Force…”

Lily Allen and Corinne Bailey Rae: A Clever Strategy

____________________________ So Leeds’ own Ms. Bailey Rae, complete with rictus perma-grin, is currently taking up a lot of radio airtime and, one presumes, making a lot of money. And good for her, some say. She’s a local girl done good, after having spent time in local indie bands, playing the Hi-Fi Club (yeah? Well IContinue reading “Lily Allen and Corinne Bailey Rae: A Clever Strategy”

So Lost is back on British TV screens and throughsilver is very happy indeed. To be honest, I didn’t even know season two was airing so soon; I had assumed it would return when the current (disappointing) run of Desperate Housewives was over, but I received word last Tuesday that it was on that night.Continue reading