5 albums

…that changed my life. Yeah, I was asked to write a little something something at another board and I figured that seeing as it was quite (but not very) meaty that I might as well Blog it~! So here we are. Poison – Flesh & Blood (1990) This started it all for me. Ten yearsContinue reading “5 albums”

Megadeth – ‘Holy Wars / The Punishment Due’ (1990)

So in this post I’m really just going to gush about a song that I’ve been into for [thinks] most of my life, now. However, it’s only recently that I have been hit by quite how masterful a song it is. Anyway, before I go any further it’s probably best for those ignorant of theContinue reading “Megadeth – ‘Holy Wars / The Punishment Due’ (1990)”


Christopher Nolan (2000) This was a confusing film. I started watching it with the knowledge that it was the number one film of the 2000’s according to a message board I frequent. I expected it to be great. And it was, to begin with. From the start I could see that it was based aroundContinue reading “Memento”